Delving into your Love Story, Defying the Limits of Luxury and Daring to Make the Impossible Happen

Marshecka Weddings, a boutique planning company renowned globally, specializes in orchestrating exquisite weddings and events for a discerning clientele. With a presence in Southern California, Northern California, Metropolitan Detroit, and destinations around the world, our brand is synonymous with crafting elegant, stylish celebrations. Each event is infused with a signature blend of sophistication and creativity, setting us apart within the industry. Our commitment to creating each celebration as a bespoke masterpiece showcases our dedication to excellence in the realm of wedding and event planning. 

California Wedding Planner


"It was a complete dream and it absolutely would not have been so amazing without her!"

Marshecka Weddings, known for our expertise in luxury event planning, has crafted a distinguished reputation for designing sophisticated weddings and events in California's most prestigious venues. Known for our meticulous attention to opulent details and exceptional organizational skills, our passion lies in transforming your visions into reality. Our signature style, coupled with our sought-after services, consistently exceeds expectations, from the intricate design and aesthetics to the flawless execution of every detail. As your dedicated California wedding planner, we weave each moment of your celebration with unparalleled luxury, ensuring your special day is not just an event, but a cherished, indulgent experience. 

we make your dream a reality

Crossing the edge of creativity and dancing on the line of opulence, without being over the top

Some may say unconventional – we say creative.
Some may say impossible – we say, it’s time to believe…

Marshecka Weddings, a symbol of luxury in the event planning industry, takes pride in offering only the finest services and elite suppliers to our distinguished clientele. Specializing in creating immersive experiences, we excel in transforming venues with breathtaking floral arrangements, top-notch production, and enchanting music.  Our deep-rooted connection to love motivates us to seize every opportunity to craft the most joyous moments for you.  We pledge our integrity and unwavering commitment as we bring the beauty of your significant day to life. Entrust us with your vision, and let Marshecka Weddings elevate your celebration into a remarkable and memorable event, epitomizing elegance and sophistication at every turn.

- Cynthia, Bride

"Marshecka you did a great job, I am sooo very satisfied with your professional services, you did your thang lady, I wished I was getting married again so you can do my wedding again, I really appreciate everything you've done for me and my husband. We became so close that I hated for everything to end, again thank you sooo much!"


we make your dream a reality