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Happy Tuesday, dear friend! As you and I walk through these vibrant weeks, my heart is full of gratitude for the chance to help bring your dream event to life. Whether you’re envisioning an enchanting wedding, a distinguished corporate event, or a lively social gathering, you and I are here, crafting unforgettable moments that speak […]

Elevating Your Event: The Art of Live Painting with Jess Perna

Apr 9, 2024

Hey Friend, Happy Wedding Wednesday! In today’s blog post, I want to dive into something quite exciting yet paramount in the journey of wedding planning. Crafting the day of your dreams begins with envisioning the celebration and then bringing together the right team to turn those dreams into reality. The essence of a luxurious wedding […]

7 Essential Vendors for Your Luxe Wedding Day

Mar 27, 2024

Hey Friend, Happy Thankful Thursday! As always, I like to practice gratitude on this day. Today, more than ever, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and truly honored by the trust all of my past, present, and future clients place in me. It’s a privilege to be a part of your most cherished moments, crafting the […]

The One Thing I Wish Every Couple Knew

Mar 21, 2024

As we embark on the journey of Monday’s with Marshecka, I want to share a glimpse into the essence behind this special series. At the heart of Marshecka Weddings and Events lies a deep passion for creating moments of beauty, connections of love, and celebrations of life that are as unique and meaningful as the […]

Marshecka’s Mondays: Elegance in Self-Care

Mar 18, 2024

Hey Friends, Happy Tuesday! Today, let’s chat about something close to my heart—the enchanting power of quotes. If you’re anything like me, finding solace and inspiration in beautifully crafted phrases is second nature. In this blog post, I’m thrilled to share how you can infuse the magic of quotes into every facet of your wedding, […]

Love in Words: From Vows to Farewells, the Art of Quote Crafting

Dec 5, 2023

Hello, Beautiful Couples and Friends! 🎉 Wishing you a delightful December and a joyous Friday! 🎄 Can we share a heartfelt moment together? December brings a magical ambiance – Christmas trees, twinkling decorations, and board games galore. It’s the season for crafting cherished memories with our nearest and dearest. Amidst this festive whirlwind, I also […]

Capturing Love in December: The Significance of Engagement Photos

Dec 1, 2023

Hey there, At Marshecka Weddings, we understand that every detail of your wedding day is a reflection of your unique love story. One question that often arises with our brides is whether to stick with one stunning wedding dress or embrace the idea of a wardrobe change for the reception. Today, let’s explore this this […]

Deciding on Your Wedding Look: One Dress or Two

Nov 30, 2023

Hey Friends! I hope your Thanksgiving season was a beautiful tapestry of love and gratitude. Personally, I took a pause to relish the joy, crafting an elaborate feast for my family while basking in the warmth of gratitude for the incredible blessings in my life. “Thankful” seems almost insufficient when I reflect on the love […]

Navigating Engagement Season with Marshecka Weddings

Nov 28, 2023

Hey Friends! Happy Tuesday! Can you believe it’s already November’s end? Time really does have a way of slipping through our fingers. As the holiday season approaches, I find solace in slowing down, cherishing the moments, and, of course, embracing the beauty of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving holds a special place in my heart. It’s more than […]

Creating a Luxurious Holiday Tablescape with Marshecka Wedding

Nov 21, 2023

Hey Friends and New Visitors! 🌟 Happy Friday! I hope your day is off to a stellar start. It’s been a minute since I properly introduced myself, so why not spill a few fun facts to kick off this introduction. First things first – I’m Marshecka, the face behind the magic here at Marshecka Weddings. […]

A Friday Introduction with Marshecka Weddings

Nov 17, 2023