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Hey Friends, I’m wishing you all the happiest of Fridays. Is it just me, or did this week fly by? I’m definitely ready to welcome the weekend with open arms after a week brimming with delightful meetings—connecting with potential new clients and fabulous vendors. It’s been an eventful few days, and I’m grateful for all […]

The Art of Comfort: Unveiling the Best Advice for Outdoor Wedding Bliss

Mar 22, 2024

Hello Everyone! Cheers to another fabulous Friday! 🎉 As we welcome this splendid Friday, our focus turns to a pivotal choice in wedding planning: deciding between a Sweetheart Table and a Head Table. At Marshecka Weddings, we hold both options in high esteem, recognizing that the perfect choice is deeply personal and varies with each […]

Sweetheart vs Head Table: Navigating Wedding Choices

Dec 15, 2023