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Hello, Beloved Soon-to-Be Newlyweds! Welcome to another edition of wedding wisdom brought to you by Marshecka Weddings. Today, we’re diving deep into the golden question: “Why should you invest in a wedding planner?” Well, grab a cozy seat, and let us unravel the enchanting reasons why having a professional planner is more than just a […]

The Unmatched Value of Investing in a Wedding Planner

Dec 12, 2023

Hey Friends, Happy Monday! 🌿✨ Can we take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of vineyards at wineries? Or is that just me? There’s something truly magical about the rolling hills of grapevines that gets my heart racing. And you know what? Planning weddings at wineries is like stepping into a fairytale. But, if […]

Vineyard Vows: A Love Story by Marshecka Weddings

Dec 11, 2023