10 Tips to Packing for a Destination Wedding

Trying not to forget anything for a Destination Wedding can be very overwhelming and stressful. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. The best way to overcome the stress is by listing. Yes, you got it right. Even if you think you will remember everything, having a list is the best option so as not to forget one or two items.
If you do not know what to put in your list, here’s a few tips you might want to consider:
1. The Basics – the basic items includes your personal hygiene products, such as your shampoos, toothpastes, lotions, etc. To ease the load of your luggage, you can call your hotel a day or two to check if they provide these basic items. Remember to include your fiancee’s personal items too. This will ease a few of your worries.
2. Medicines – who wants to get sick on their wedding day? Make sure you stockpile over-the-counter drugs, like one for nausea and vomiting, for stomachaches, pain relievers, for diarrhea, and more. Make sure you have enough included for your friends and relatives too, in case of emergencies.
3. Wedding Dress and Tux – for practical reasons, this should be one of your lesser worries if you assign someone to help you carry them out. For instance, have your seamstress pack your wedding gown or veil as well as your fiancee’s tux. At the airport, make sure you alert the gate agents or the flight attendants that you bring your wedding suits and gown with you, so that you can be given proper assistance. Don’t forget to pack for your party dresses and one formal wear as well as many hotels have dress codes.
4. Wedding rings – to make sure the rings are not forgotten and are kept safe, store the wedding rings in a box. Have the maid of honor or the best man carry them out for you. If you must have to bring them yourself, keep them somewhere only you knows where it is hidden. Probably, at a hidden compartment at your luggage.
5. Wedding vows – a day or two before the wedding night, your wedding vows should already be drafted. To make sure they are not forgotten, have as many copies of them as you like and store them separately, like one in your bag or purse, next on your luggage, or another copy kept by your friend or parents. Make sure they do not read them though to spoil what you have to say on your wedding day.
6. Wedding Gifts – to make your life easier, make sure that your wedding gifts for your family and friends should already be assembled before you pack them. Include your dedication, and their boxes and ribbons.
7. Insurance and other important documents – you can never can tell, so having a copy of all important documents including your birth certificate, IDs, and licenses is a must. Likewise, having yourself and your family ensured is another absolute must. Checking with your airlines or with your car rentals, and even with your ferryboats and hotels if they offer a few insurance perks can be very valuable.
8. Visas, Credit Cards, and Passports – these two items should be stored separately where you can easily grab them in case authorities need to have them looked at. Make sure they too are properly secured. There are a lot of countries with scum artists who are ready for lookouts for their next victims.
9.  Plane tickets – If you have to fly for your wedding destination, this is probably the first on your list. Of course, you already know why.
10. Honeymoon clothes – what is a wedding destination if there is no action after? You know what I mean. So make sure you pack one or three of these on your luggage before you close them and fly off for your wedding day.

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