3 Tips to Add The Wow Factor to your Wedding

There are certainly many ways to wow your guests and make your day very memorable.
The top 3 secrets I always incorporate when organizing a wedding are:
W – Who are you? Weaving the personality of my clients gives an emotional experience that tells a story of how two complete strangers become as one. For instance, if both couples love to travel, one unique idea to is to name all the tables after all the places both have visited, or if both are basketball fanatics, they may incorporate a few of the name of their favorite players insignia in their souvenirs.
Or if a couple are fanatics of Cherry Blossom, they can have their wedding themed after it.
What about if both are sports fanatics?
O– other’s involvement, which includes talented family members and friends. It is intended to leave a special connection between love ones of both parties where they can actively participate. This will be the perfect time for introduction and for family bond.
W – What is your story? People love good stories. Many of my client’s guests do not know their love story, so telling them how the couples met, what were their first impressions about each other, where were their first dates, etc will leave your guests primed and connected.
So what really is a wow factor during a wedding? A wow factor is like a magic trick that will cast a spell over your guests, which transports them into a different world, a world of happiness and love, which all of them wish both couples to have until forever.
“Wow” will be their overwhelming appreciation that you gave them the opportunity to be involved in an experience that leaves them lost for words, but will let them think that your wedding was the best wedding EVER.

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