How to Add Something Old and turn it into Something New on your Wedding Day

The traditional Victorian bridal saying that goes “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe,” has never failed to gather avid followers, even with today’s modern generations.
Each item in the poem symbolizes good luck. Something “old” represents continuity. Something “new” represents hope, and something “borrowed” symbolizes passing down a good fortune from both families.
Finding the items to fit these category can be tedious, even if they may only seem simple. Here are creative ways to add something “old” to make it something “new” to your wedding.
1. If you have a family heirloom, like a pearl jewelry, beads, or a brooch, you may incorporate them in your bouquet. A piece of your mother’s wedding dress, like a vintage lace or crochet can also be used as a wrap handle for your bouquet.
2. Another piece of bouquet ideas is to adding a piece of vintage locket holding pictures of all your love ones who may not be able to walk with you in the aisle anymore.
3. Take a piece of your favorite vintage white dress and have your seamstress incorporate into a fun wedding garter, accentuate with crystals or perhaps another heirloom jewelry from both families.
4. A bridal veil is the perfect way to show off something old in your wedding. They are highly adaptable to just about any wedding dress, so borrow one from your mother or grandmother can be a plus factor.
5. To give an extra sentimental value on your day, you may incorporate vintage glam through your wedding accessories, such as your headpiece, jewelries, and even your gloves.

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