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Verdad Vaknin’s wedding gowns are the epitome of luxury, elegance and high class.  We’re captivated by her attention to lavish and luxurious details in her Bridal Collection.  We are so ecstatic to feature the lovely and talented Vered Vaknin and her exquisite collection on our blog.  We can’t stop swooning over Vered Vaknin’s collection, hence when the opportunity presented itself for us to showcase her work, we jumped on it and couldn’t wait to share it with you!
Brides, if you’re still searching for the perfect wedding gown or if you love luxurious couture wedding gowns as much as we do, then you’re in for a very  fabulous treat on today’s blog!  And I do mean Jaw dropping Fabulous!   Holy Smokes!!!!  Vered Vaknin’s 2015 Bridal Collection exudes beauty, elegance, confidence, sophistication and timeless romance.  Wow, talk about flawless wedding gowns!!!!
We’ve told you about how intrigued we are with Vered Vaknin’s 2015 Bridal Collection;  So, if  you want a wedding dress that has immense Wow-factor and demands attention, all while making you look and feel glamorous, sexy, confident, and romantic; then stop what you’re doing now, and head on over to Vered Vaknin’s website.
It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you the talented Bridal Designer Vered Vaknin.  Please see the details of our exclusive interview with Vered Vaknin below:

How did you get started designing bridal gowns?
My debut in the world of bridal gowns materialized once I finished my studies at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, interning at a local atelier.  Once my internship was over I set out establishing my own brand of bridal gowns and evening dresses studio in Ashkelon, Israel.  It has always, and remains, imperative for me to forge an intimate surroundings in my studio, establishing a sincere connection with each and everyone of my clients.  Moreover, I cater to my brides all around the world, offering worldwide shipments, as well as having my collections sold at selected locations around the world.
The inspirations for my designs are very intuitive. I make it a habit to be well informed about all that is taking place within the world of design. Be it from the world of fashion, jewelry design, past & present trends, places I have traveled to, but most of all the fabrics that I come across.

What did you envision when you started designing wedding gowns?
To be honest, I didn’t have many expectations or big hopes. I am a firm believer that whatever is meant to happen does in due time. I find it is really important to enjoy the journey as well as to see myself grow and develop as time goes by while gaining experience and feeling ready towards what the future holds.
What excites you most about your design process?
What most excites me is being able to ‘get into’ my bride’s head and being able to fabricate the dress of her dreams for the most important day of her life. To take a sketch and create it, to have it exceed all expectation.


What are your favorite places to look for inspiration?
I find that I collect images from various places, I make sure to store them well in my memory. Once I’m on my own in my home, when everything is calm and quiet around me and I’m surrounded by this energy, that the ideas for my next designs come to me.
What are your favorite fabrics to work with?
I am a huge fan of any type of silk. I truly enjoy the qualities that embody silks, the soft and gentle flow it brings to my designs. I also enjoy working with delicate solstiss & crochet lace and which I then enjoy embellishing with intricate hand sewn beads & rhinestones.
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What do you love about working with brides?
I have very enjoyable moments as a bridal gown designer. I especially enjoy brides that challenge me and count on me to bring their wildest dreams to life.  When designing a custom gown for a bride, I find it really interesting to see the stages of the design, development, how the bride forms a bond with the dress from fitting to fitting. I find that it constantly pushes me to remain creative and on my toes.
What are the three things you cannot live without in your studio?
Sewing pins, sketchbook & pencil.

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Vered Vaknin wedding gowns are Marvelous!!!  We’d love to hear what you’ll think, so please feel free to comment below.

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