Wedding Ideas: 15 Fabulous ways to use Mirrors at your Wedding

Who would have known that mirrors can actually be incorporated at weddings? Truth is, mirrors are excellent accent pieces that can add a touch of glam factor for your wedding.  Just like how mirrors can add a polish touch to any rooms is exactly how mirrors at your wedding can accentuate a look, class, and style. It can bring a unique renaissance feel, but definitely not over done. So, how you may ask?
Here are creative ways to use mirrors at your wedding:
Use it as a center piece and accentuate it with pearls and candles. For more use, add a framed number for your tables, or a piece of picture frame of you and the groom/bride to be.
Use it as a set up for your wedding cake. 
Use it for your table assignments.
Add a touche of ambiance with these hanged mirrors at your wedding lounge. Careful though not to over do it, make sure to only choose big mirrors to maximize space. Silver color palette or gold for the mirror frames works best at any wedding lounge theme.
Use it for your wedding cake stand. And f you plan to serve cupcakes or macaroons, this piece will definitely give your guests a big jaw dropping.
Use it for your menu display. 
Mirrors are also perfect for dessert buffet tables. 
If you plan to have your venue beside a pool area, you may accentuate the mood with gold framed mirrors and incorporate white lights for a more dramatic feel.
Use them to convey your wedding messages. 
How about for the picture perfect balloon and mirror themed photo booth?
 As an entrance decor for open field weddings.
For your picture perfect wedding and engagement ring picture. 
As a table scape for a vintage Paris feel. 
For a bridal picture before the wedding.
And lastly, mirrors can be creatively used for prenuptial photo shoots.

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