5 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Dress Shopping is probably one of the most important aspect in a wedding for a bride. However, ending in a consensus while looking at hundreds of choices can be very difficult; much more if the people who are helping you shop with isn’t helping with your decision at all.
So, here are 5 vital tips you need to carry on your own when shopping for your wedding dress.
1. Always have an idea before you go on shopping because when you do start shopping you might be overwhelmed with hundreds of choices and you will end up choiceless without having any picture in mind of what you really want for your wedding dress.
After looking at magazines or online, tear the page or print your choice and carry it with you when shopping. To save you even more time, you can email the picture to the dress shop or seamstress you are eyeing for to check if they have a same style as what you want. You can narrow your choices even more, if you already come around with your chosen designer name, material, color, and style number.
2. Only bring one or two of your closest friends and family member – Make sure you have atleast one representative from each side when you shop for your wedding dress, say bring your best girlfriend, your mother, and most especially your soon to be “mother-in-law.” However, make sure that you already have a picture in mind, that way, they will not lead you to any confusion, if ever they say, “oh this dress look ways better.”
3. Try not to be tempted with bargain sales. There are hundreds of online dress shops that offer sample wedding dresses on sale. Do not be lured out with the big 75% or 90% saving discounts. Remember, these sample sales have been tried on by probably hundreds of “bride-to-be”, which leaves them vulnerable for tears, stains, and other damages.
Expect that if you do like one from bargain sales, you might spend more dollars on alterations. Of course, this should not discourage you from trying to shop from them at all. Truth is, many “bride-to-be” have found their wedding dresses at bargain shops with big saving discounts, just make sure to thoroughly check for any damages that you might have to spend bucks for alteration.
4. Have a fix budget in mind. As much as it is important to have a fix style in mind, you must also have a fix budget for your pocket. If you find one that you like but the price is a little pricey than what you have set, gracefully walk away from the store. Why? You might think that you do deserve it, but remember there are other expenses you have to save your pocket for. Do not be trapped by “emotional buying.” You might end up penniless for the next think you need to shop for. Stick with your budget and wedding style and you will do just fine.
5. Lastly, make sure you enjoy the experience and always go with your gut. Left with so many choices can be very overwhelming, but when you do find the right one for you, you will simply know it in your heart. So, do not be stressed out or terrified, enjoy the company of your friends and family, laugh it out if you have missed a dress or two, smile while trying on even the most peculiar wedding dress you have found, and always listen to your heart. Soon, you will be walking in the aisle with your perfect wedding dress.

  1. Kate Hansen says:

    It helped when you said to have an idea before you start searching for one. My cousin is having her wedding in the spring of next year, and she talked to me on the phone last night about how she wants to start searching for her wedding dress. I’ll have to let her know these tips as she searches for the right wedding gown for her.

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