Breaking the News, creative ways to tell them you said yes!

Being engaged is probably the best thing that would happen to someone, which is just “oh so natural” for anyone to instantly tell the world that they are soon to marry their love of their life. But, before you start grabbing your smart phones and tablet and start “twetting” your engagement, or showing off you new “bling-bling”, consider these creative and unique ways of telling them you said “YES!”
1. Share your video proposal – if your friend or a family member happen to capture your fiancee’s wedding proposal, why not share it to the whole world as well. But, before you do, make sure you try to edit it using video editors to clean up a few mess ups, or cut it if it is too long.
2. Bake it – for all cooking aficionados, this is one of the best ways to be creative with your craft and share the big announcements at the same time. Bake your favorite heart cookies, or cupcakes, and decorate it with your letter initials, or the word “YES” top on an engagement ring cookie. This will not only make your friends and love ones’s mouth water, but would even be a chance for you to showcase your cooking talent.
3. Newsletter – if you are not into the social media thing where everyone can see your announcements and would prefer to share the big news first to a selected people, creating a newsletter and sending it to the your love one’s email is another innovative idea. There are numerous websites that provide free newsletter templates that you can edit and would surely surprise your recipients.
4. Photo announcement – instead of the usual “I said Yes” announcement, what better way to do it than to include a fun and creative photo to include your caption.
5. I Do Poster – make your engagement announcement a blockbuster hit by creating your very own movie poster. You do not have to spend too much for this, photoshop is your only answer. If not, there are still several websites online who can help you just that.

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