How do I choose a Theme for my Wedding?

A wedding theme may not be the first option that crosses couples mind when planning their wedding day. They may say it is too extravagant, costly, and timely. But, more and more couples are getting into the idea and accepting the fact that themed weddings are more personalized, fun, and creative.
More so, it can redefine the romance and passion that the couple once experienced. Putting together personal elements can create a mood to all of your guests that illustrates the fusion of each other’s wants and likes, or the very thing that the couple enjoyed during their boyfriend and girlfriend days.
Before couples start jumping in and out, deciding what theme to go for, here are vital tips that can greatly be considered.
1. Talk it out – before losing yourself looking over Pinterest for ideas, or drowning yourself in various websites, you and your partner must first sit down and take things over. You have to completely decide that this is the type of wedding that you want. Of course, you do not want to suddenly decide at the middle of the whole fiasco preparation that you suddenly do not want to do just that.
Creating a wedding theme is very delicate. Everything needs to be cohesive with each other. Your table cloth must match the decorations, the ceiling decors must match the lightings, the cake must match the theme, etc. So, if you are not up for this, might as well stick to the traditional type of wedding.
2. Look for the perfect location – the location plays a vital role to any theme wedding. For instance, if your theme is more of a summer or beach look, then a seaside venue overlooking the shore can be perfect. For sport, mascarade, or ball like wedding, an indoor venue will suffice. But, for Victorian, Mediterranean, or Morrocan weddings, you have to choose a location that perfectly suits it, hence you have to do a little research and ocular inspections.
3. Consider a wedding designer or a  wedding coordinator who also designs-  A wedding designer is your best choice when choosing  a theme for your wedding. Not only are they creative, but they’ve designed a variety of themed wedding designs, so they will possess the necessary skills to personalize your theme wedding.  They will  know the best and cheapest suppliers in town, which will relieve you from any stress of worrying. They can handle everything for you and make sure your wedding successfully represents you and your groom-to-be. Not to mention, if you hire a wedding coordinator who also posses the ability to design they can keep everything well planned and organized for you.
4. Create an ultimate budget – once you have settled down with what kind of theme you want, drawing a budget is a must. You have to make sure that readily divide everything into how much percentage you are welling to spend for what. For instance, only 10% of the budget goes for the flower, 20% goes for the food, 30% for the decoration and reception, and so on and so forth.
5. Create a timeline – a time table can help you and your partner make sure that everything will be complied right on time. For instance, 8-9 months before the wedding date you must already set the venue and planned the whole decorations, 6 months before you must already have ordered the cake and booked your florist, etc.
Opting for a themed wedding can be both challenging and time consuming, but you want to have a memorable wedding experience, right? After all, it is a once in a lifetime experience that is worth being celebrated and cherished.

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