Do I Really Need To Hand Out Wedding Favors To My Guests?


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Do I really need to hand out Wedding Favors?  If I had a dollar for every time this questioned was asked, I’d be rich!  I’m so not kidding!  Weddings are very expensive, so I totally understand why newly engaged couples are wanting to know if it’s necessary to purchase wedding favors.  A lot of couples struggle with the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on  wedding favors only to have them left behind on the reception tables or thrown in the trash.  Totally understandable!!!
However, a lot of your guests are traveling and taking time off work to be there for your special day.  Think about the last time you attended a wedding as a guest, you may have had to purchase shoes, a dress, makeup, gifts and often times had to pay for travel expenses to attend the wedding.  Please, please keep in mind that your wedding guests are investing a lot of  their time and money to attend your wedding, so it’s important that you think of them when considering to forgo wedding favors.
Wedding Favors are a nice way to thank your wedding guests for their support on your big day.  If you’re on super tight budget, you can certainly forgo the wedding favors.  There are various ways that you can be economical when it comes to choosing wedding favors.  For example, you could choose a wedding favor that serves as a double duty.   A double duty wedding favor is a wedding favor that simply serves two purposes.  For example, one of our Brides opted to use a succulent plant as an escort card and wedding favor for her upcoming wedding.    We also had a couple who purchased a fan for their wedding program and gave them to their guests as a wedding favor.


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As a professional Wedding Planner, I certainly encourage you to purchase wedding favors for your guests.  Just be creative when choosing a wedding favor for your guests, so you don’t have to worry about them being left on the reception tables or tossed in the trash.    Choose wedding favors such as, candy, sauces, honey, plants, salt and pepper shakers, coffee, wine etc…  Also, keep in mind that edible wedding favors are rarely ever left behind on reception tables.  Again, if you’re on a tight budget try to pick a wedding favor that will serve as a double duty.

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