I Said Yes! Now What?!!!!

YAY! You said, yes!!!  Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!  This is such a special time in both of your lives, please seize the moment!  I’ve met so many engaged couples who didn’t fully enjoy the engagement stage because they jumped right into planning the wedding.  As a result, they got overwhelmed with all of the wedding planning details and missed out on what I’d say is the most magical stage of a relationship.   The engagement period is short, so it should be savored and enjoyed by all couples.
You say, “Marshecka, I have a wedding to plan!!!”  Yes, I totally understand!!!!   If you’re anything like most women, you’ve dreamed about the details and plans of your wedding since you were a little girl.  I did too!  So, I know how anxious you are about starting to plan all the fabulous details of your wedding.  All of the Wedding details can be a bit overwhelming.  However, as with planning anything in life, you need to start with small manageable pieces at a time or else you’ll easily get overwhelmed.  The best thing to do is to hire a Professional Wedding Planner.  Hiring a Professional Wedding Planner will ensure that you are truly able to enjoy the engagement and planning process.
Once you’ve dedicated a considerable amount of time to enjoying the engagement period, it’s perfectly okay to start planning all the details of your wedding.  For those of you  who have absolutely no idea where to start in the planning process, I’ve created a top ten agenda list below.  Just remember to enjoy your engagement, your love for one another is the reason for the celebration, so don’t get lost in the wedding plans.
Holding Hands in the sand
Again, Congratulations and Happy Engagement!  Love Conquers All!
1.)  Enjoy your Engagement
2.) Choose a Wedding Date!
3.) Set your Budget!
4.) Choose a Venue!
5.) Create a Guest List
6.)  Hire A Professional Planner
7.)  Purchase Your Gown
8.)  Decide the Style and Theme
9.) Book Your Officiant
10.) Book Your Vendors

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