Wedding day timeline

How Do You Manage Your Wedding Day Timeline and Other Priorities?

Wedding day timeline

The overpowering sound of distant wedding bells gets louder as your big day approaches. You have ordered your costume and have fixed an appointment with your salon for the special wedding day hairdo and the look you will sport.

Of course, there is a series of things to do and you just keep shuffling the list to see which one needs to be prioritized ahead of the other.

That’s how most couples deal with the anxiety and eagerness of heading towards the biggest day of their lives. For the day of your wedding planning timeline in advance is something you cannot leave for the penultimate day.

Even if you are familiar with how you plan and implement the wedding timeline, after having witnessed the wedding ceremonies of dear ones and friends, you need keep an eye on the details.

This isn’t something you would be able to handle all by yourself and will need the help of your family and friends to get the professionals for different aspects of the wedding ceremony.

The wedding party is your exclusive responsibility and you decide the bridesmaids or the bestmen as applicable.

Do you want them to wear a particular style and color of clothes? Communicating your preference to them on time is important as they will have enough time to get the clothes on time.

Many couples simply don’t set any such guidelines and are happy to just have their friends attend the marriage. The bridesmaids or the bestmen can turn up in their best suits; the color or style doesn’t matter.

Once you have your wedding party or dream team in place, you can share responsibilities for Day depending on how each one of them is inclined to contribute.

Of course, you will appreciate all their contributions towards your wedding planning timeline and implementation on the big day.

They will be looking forward to it and will even come up with great suggestions that might have bypassed your mind.

For instance, what’s going to be the theme of the floral design at the venue? A wedding ceremony without beautiful floral decoration is unthinkable.

The photography session is another important part of the ceremony that needs to be managed well so that you have all of the memories of your biggest life event in your family album.

In a wedding ceremony, each of your footsteps has a meaning. So you know in advance how far you need to walk from the ‘get-ready’ venue to the wedding ceremony venue.

In your wedding planning timeline get a photographer who is innovative enough to capture interesting moments of this all-important walk to the ceremony venue.

Depending on your religious, ethnic or ideological orientation you may choose the marriage ceremony that both of you are comfortable with.

A traditional ceremony involves religious and ethnic rituals and may take up to a couple of hours or more while a non-traditional ceremony can get over in barely 15-20 minutes.

Finally, when it’s time for the toast to your marriage, you need to plan it well in advance so all your guests are comfortable with the cuisine on the platter.  

Work out the different segments of your wedding timeline

Depending on your wish, which would ideally have vital inputs from members of your dream team, draw up the itinerary for the wedding day.

To begin with, how long will it take for the wedding party to get ready for the show? Give it a couple of hours but if it’s a much larger team, make the necessary adjustments.

You and your partner being the focal point of the ceremony can set aside 20-30 minutes to deck up for the biggest day of your lives. Members of your wedding party can manage in less time.

It’s ideal to note down these wedding planning timeline details on your smartphone notepad so you can refer them whenever you have to.

Floral design at the wedding venue

Wedding ceremonies without the alluring dazzle of roses interspersed by the red ones would seem to make the event incomplete.

You would obviously want to see the most innovative and beautiful floral design at your wedding venue. The best designs are those that blend traditional patterns with the lighter contemporary styles.

Walk down the aisle

It’s a traditional practice wherein the bride’s father accompanies his daughter, holding her hand down the aisle right up to where the bridegroom would be waiting.

The father would then kiss his daughter’s forehead and ask the bridegroom to take his daughter’s hand, saying something like, “All yours buddy…” or whatever is trending.

First dance of the newlyweds 

This is where you light up the event with your dance skills if you are up to it else, take it easy with a slow romantic dance and savor the moment as lights and cameras flash all around.

After a few minutes, invite your dream team and other guests to the dance floor for everybody to mingle and share the happiness.

Cutting of the wedding cake

The wedding cake is a tradition that has continued for centuries and is still one of the centerpieces of any wedding ceremony. Naturally, it should be a top priority in your wedding planning timeline.

As the bridal couple, you will do the honors by cutting the cake so the guests get their slice to be able to share the moment of sweetness with you.  

It’s time for the toast

Planning the wedding feast is better done in consultation with family and close friends to suit everyone’s convenience as best as you can.

Ideally, you would love to have quality time on the dining table with everyone present at the wedding. Set aside a couple of hours for the wedding feast so everybody’s schedule gets adjusted.

Family and friends throws the ‘rice of goodwill’

The throwing of rice is an all American tradition that symbolizes goodwill for the newlyweds in a festive culmination of the marriage ceremony.

The rice is now increasingly replaced by blowing of bubbles, bursting confetti poppers and other safer modes that are easier to manage.

The age old saying, “Marriages are made in heaven” may not sound contemporary now but the spirit underlying the saying is still alive and will remain so forever.

The wedding planner you choose will determine how much of that spirit rubs off on your big day. When you choose a renowned wedding planner like Marshecka Weddings & Events, you can rest assured that they will make it the happiest day of your life. 

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