How to Make Your Wedding Day More Luxurious with Floral Designs

Floral design can have a huge impact on your overall wedding aesthetic, in fact, it plays one of the biggest parts in your styling and décor. The right floral design has the ability to inject the wow-factor into your day, creating an experience that you and your guests will remember forever. As a luxury wedding planner in California, I’m offering you a snippet of advice on how you can use flowers to effortlessly transform any space. So if you want to elevate the luxury of your celebration, I suggest you keep scrolling for some serious floral inspiration…

There’s no doubt about it – a statement archway is always the ultimate addition of luxury and it’s guaranteed to steal the show. If you use blooms that align with the bridal bouquet, your florist can create a stunning backdrop for your ‘I Do’ moment. A flower archway for your ceremony can also act as a focal point of your wedding and can be transported around your venue so that it can be used in various ways. From your ceremony to a photo-booth, a floral archway is a must-have for your luxury wedding.

Set the scene for your guests with your ceremony flowers. Your ceremony is of course one of the most important aspects of a wedding day and an opportunity to get truly creative in adding luxury details to your floral designs. Ask your florist to carefully add hand tied bouquets on the back of chairs or pews – just make sure your flowers align throughout your day, from your ceremony right through to the evening reception. For an extra dash of grandeur, overflowing urns with stunning fresh flowers placed at the entrance and throughout the venue will wow your guests from the moment they arrive.

Flower clouds – it’s official. I am obsessed with them! Hanging flower clouds is one of the most luxurious statements you can make at your wedding day. An enchanting installation hanging above the dining tables will be something yourself and your guests will never forget – plus it allows for the extra table space that a traditional centerpiece wouldn’t offer. From a foliage-based flower cloud or one bursting with wildflowers and color, it’s a floral design that certainly needs to make an appearance on your mood board.

If your wedding venue is graced with magnificent staircases or marble fireplaces, make the most of them! This is the perfect way to add elegance to your venue through floral styling. The combination of flowers and greenery entwined along a staircase will instantly curate an opulent backdrop for your wedding photographs – especially as you make your way down the stairs to the aisle! A floral garland lining the mantelpiece will look exquisite alongside gilded candlesticks and antique gold mirrors – it’s the little luxurious touches that make a celebration stand out!

No matter the venue, a floral chandelier will instantly ramp up the glam. Plus, they’re super versatile and can be used within your ceremony, reception or even as part of your table centerpieces. Throw in some twinkling fairy lights and your wedding day will be the epitome of luxury!

Don’t forget to consider the finer details with your wedding flowers. I’m talking fresh flowers adorning your wedding cake, floral vines adding a touch of boho vibes to your welcome sign, or even dainty jars of wildflowers dotted along the windowsills. There are so many floral elements to think about when styling your wedding day! As a luxury wedding planner in California, I feel that florals play a huge part in your wedding day aesthetic and atmosphere, which is why I have taken many floral courses over the last couple of years and most recently hired a team of passionate, talented, creative and trust-worthy florists to be able to offer florals as apart of our extensive list of services. I welcome you to get in touch to find out more about my floral design and planning services.

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