Proper Etiquette For Announcing Your Engagement!

Yay!  Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!  We know the two of you are super excited!  We’re excited for the two of you as well!! We eat, sleep, dream and plan fabulous weddings all year round!
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The engagement process is such an extremely exciting time for the both of you!  We know you’re ready to jump on instagram, facebook and twitter to share the news with all your friends.  But Wait!!!!  Do not post your engagement ring on Social Media prior to telling those near and dear to the two of you. Nowadays,  it’s so hard to resist posting every aspect of our lives on social media, but those you hold close to your heart should have the privilege of knowing about your engagement before making the announcement on Social Media.

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We’ve put together some helpful etiquette tips to help you make the proper engagement announcement to your loved ones.
Here are a few tips to consider:
1. The people first to tell – with all the convenience of social media, it is as easy to announce toeveryone you are engaged, probably with a picture of your left hand wearing the band. But, how do you think your parents might feel knowing that they were not the first ones to know? And that all your friends on social media were the first to congratulate you?  I personally, wouldn’t want to be informed via Social Media about my daughter’s engagement.  Trust me, you don’t want to put yourself in this terrible situation.  So, the first people you should tell, probably in a close door situation, are your parents and your immediate family, followed by your friends, then anyone dear to both of you as a couple. Only then, can you post the big event to your social media accounts.
2. Who will you invite to your engagement party? –  Typically, the engagement party guest list is limited tobridal party, family members and close friends.  Just keep in mind that all of the guests at your engagement party should also be invited to your wedding.  So, if you have a college friend you do not want to come your wedding, it is best not to invite him/her to your engagement party at all.
3. Who will host your engagement party? – with today’s innovations, the tradition that the bride’s parent should host is no longer applicable. Truth is, anyone can host the party. The groom or the bride’s parents perhaps, or even the maid-of-honor or the groom’s best man.
4. The engagement Invites – when it comes to invitations, it is best to send them formally. Forinstance, through party invitation cards or any other forms, but never through text, email, or social media. Remember, this is a special occasion, so it should be dealt with upmost attention and class.
5.  What about gifts?  Guests can bring engagements gifts, but they aren’t required to bring gifts.  If some of your guests bring gifts, don’t open them until after the party, so you don’t offend the guests who didn’t bring an engagement gift.
6.  How much to spend? – There really is no set amount that you must spend on your engagement party,how much you spend for your engagement party is up to the two of you, but don’t go overboard because you still have a wedding and honeymoon to plan.
Just keep in mind that what matters the most is that the two of you along with your guests truly enjoy your engagement party.

  1. My sister called me to tell me she just got engaged, and she can’t wait to host an engagement party to tell everyone about the news. I liked what you explained about sending formal invitations for your engagement party since it is a special occasion, so I’ll email this to my sister right now. Thank you for the insight on planning an engagement party to announce your wedding’s coming.

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