Top Summer Wedding Flowers

More flowers bloom during summer solstice. From bright greens to buttery yellow and pretty purples; all pay homage to summer’s carefree ambiance. This no wonder, June was called the Marriage month. From beach inspired weddings, to adorable centerpieces, and breath taking backdrops, there are wide array of fragrant and affordable summer wedding flowers to choose from, among are:
Wax Flowers are flowering shrubs with multiple blooms per stem. Because of their lasting blooms, they usually symbolizes lasting success to a marriage. They can be great not just as fillers, but as wedding bouquets and head pieces as well.
Alstroemeria can be found in various colors, such as white, purple, yellow, and lavender. Often called the Lilies of the Incas, much like its variance and twists, it symbolizes fun and diversity in a marriage.
Spider Chrysanthemums with its artistic cultivation and full range of colors, from white, to bright yellow, red, and pink, this daisy like flower suggests festive of happiness to a marriage.
Snapdragons is a snout shaped like flower and are originally wild flowers in Spain, which today are one of the most favorite summer wedding flowers to be used.
With their bell shaped blooms, Freesia’s are one of the mostly favored summer wedding flower, not only because of its color variation, but also because it is highly scented.
Sunflowers have long been considered as one of the most beautiful summer flowers, which also symbolizes an icon for long lasting beauty and happiness in a marriage.
Veronicas are not just easy to grow plants, but are considered symbols of fidelity in a marriage.
Hydrangea are often called “million flowers,” because they are star shaped flowers closely packed together in a pompom. Despite its abundance in petals and lavish variations of colors, they are considered to be symbols of simplicity and heartfelt sincerity in a marriage.

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