The Most Romantic Proposal Ideas Ever!

Marriage proposals is a life time event where one person in the relationship would ask for the other person’s hand in marriage. This is nothing but natural especially when the relationship gets too serious. However, while some people are already sure they found their lifetime partner, the most tricky part always in a marriage proposal is “timing.”
No one can really tell, but when everything just seems right and everything goes to its proper place, it will then be the perfect time to pop up the question, “Will you marry me.”
What matters most in a marriage proposal is the love and commitment of two different individuals from different walks of life are ready to be engaged to start a new life together.
So how does one pop up the BIG question? Here are a few romantic proposal ideas I found that might inspire you.
Rainy day proposals. Blindfolding his woman, leading her to a nearby dock in town where they spend most of their date times together, and while under the most romantic scenery both could possible experience, the pouring rain was their witness as he asked, “Will you marry me?”
Winter Picnic Wedding Proposal. A simple winter get away, turned out to be the perfect time for him to pop up his question. After a hot choco, blankets and flannels, this guy sang his heart out with a song he personally composed, then knelt down to his knees and asked the big question.
Sunset Beach proposal. Who says proposals needs to be extravagant? A nice long walk at the beach over looking the sunset is probably the best time to pop up the big question.
Pet Help Proposal. Dressed as the bride and the groom, this couples’ pets helped and are witnesses when the man knelt down to his knees on Christmas eve as he asked the big question.
Proposal at a Hockey game. Eight years in the relationship, The Ducks where their favorite team. Way back in college the two would never miss one game. On the Ducks big championship game, secretly the man personally tailored two pairs of Ducks jersey with his at the back “Mr Ning.” As he knelt down his knees, handed up a jersey to his girlfriend and unfolding it for her to see the name at the back saying, “Mrs. Ning?”; all his efforts was rewarded with a big “YES,” and all their family members were witnesses of it.

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