Traits you Should Look for with your Wedding Coordinator

Wedding coordinators are your point person all throughout your wedding preparation, which is why choosing and hiring one is a crucial part. To make your wedding successful, you have to hire the only the best; professionals that you can trust and rely at all the time. So, the first step to everything is through the initial interview. Aside from the ease to deal with, and the level of efficiency and professional, here are traits that you should be able to keenly observe from your wedding coordinator. And how will you be able to do so? By asking the write questions, such as:

  1. Ease to work with and Accessibility – Asking if they are available during your wedding date is not the only measure of your coordinator’s accessibility, it should be more than that. Ask if they are flexible to work around their schedule if emergency arises, such as makeup artists backing out because of full hectic schedules, or your florist cannot commit on the said date, etcetera. It is important that if ever your wedding coordinator cannot meet up with you on a given day to fix such problems, they have a representative or assistant to help you out. Having that feeling of security between your coordinator is a must. They should be there with you at all times, give you updates of the progress on a weekly or monthly basis, and by just letting you feel that you can rely on them all the time are great measures of ease to work with and accessibility.
  2. Trustworthy – Every wedding coordinator must have a written contract laid out to you at once. Contracts will give you a sense on how both will handle everything all throughout the wedding planning.

Your contract must include all details, including payment modes, what their professional services includes, and duration of the contract. Everything should be in readable prints, and no hidden notes. It is best to consult your attorney also to make sure everything is well written and legally acceptable.

  1. Flexible – most wedding coordinator already have a set of list of their suppliers, florists, and makeup artists, etc. Though, this can be advantageous, sometimes you won’t have enough leeway to tweak a few floral design of your liking, or reinvent the wedding theme that you have in mind. Your coordinator must be able to match and provide exactly what you want. So, by asking them if they are flexible enough to adapt to what you want for your wedding.
  2. Creative – this is one thing that all wedding coordinators must have, the trait that can think outside the box. This will give your wedding a higher success rate because when one thing fails, your wedding coordinator will be there to rescue by thinking of unique and creative alternatives just to make sure everything works.
  3. Fun to work with – yes, wedding coordinators should be serious with their craft, but there is no harm when your coordinator can be a little bit wacky, just to make sure things runs smoothly and lightly.

Your wedding coordinators will be your best friend all throughout the planning process. It is a must that they are not only professionals, but one that y

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