Bridal Attendant Wedding Duties…

To be asked to be a bridesmaid is such an honor because only the closest friends or closest relatives are chosen. It is therefore expected that with their position comes important roles to fill in. What then is asked from you if you are one of the elite few Bridesmaids or Maid Of Honor?
During the preparation, wedding ceremony, and post wedding celebration, the
1. Become the personal assistant of the bride – yes this is basically the main duty of the maid-of-honor, but the bridesmaids will assist the Maid Of Honor.  Tasks can include carrying the bags of both the bride and the maid-of-honor, assisting the bride during the reception, providing an emergency kit which includes safety pins, lipstick, aspirin, etc, assist the bride with her wedding dress and veil as she march down the aisle, and so on forth.
2. Become ushers and auxiliary hostess both at the wedding ceremony and reception – since you are the closest friend or relative of the bride, you probably know almost all the people in their life, so from one fried to another, you can introduce guests from each other just to make sure that everyone doesn’t feel left alone or behind. You may also usher guests to their designated tables, or assists them on their way to certain functions of the ceremony venue.
3. Run errands for the bride – bridesmaids can be very helpful during the preparation of the wedding. They can help the bride look for her bridal gown, for her shoes, what accessories to wear, etc.
4. Purchase the wedding gift – the bride deserves nothing but the best on her special day, and giving her a special gift will be very moving and memorable for her. If the gift is a bit expensive, like a honeymoon getaway perhaps, you and the other bridesmaids can probably chip in to make it work.
5. Prepare for the bridal shower – this is probably the most important role of all bridesmaids and it has been a tradition for bridesmaids to plan the bridal shower. This should be done at least 1-2 months prior to the actual wedding date.  It can be held at the bride’s favorite restaurant or bar, or somewhere cozy to hold the party. Other close friends such as a long time college friend and  relatives should be invited and help with the fun.
Making sure that bride has a blast on her special day by helping her all throughout the wedding preparation and on the wedding day itself is the true role and essence of  the bridesmaid and Maid of Honor.

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