Wedding favors are symbolic for a simple “Thank You,” but when the bride and the groom has so much to think about,  favors are often forgotten. There are thousands of wedding favors to choose from, but what should strike you the most, is to make sure these favors should not end up tossed in the trash cans the next morning, or end up collecting dusts as it is just stashed away somewhere in their cabinets. It should be something that helps your guests remember your special day, and one that could put a happy smile in their faces.
Here are a few Unique Wedding Favor Ideas I guarantee your guests will treasure and adore:
A Promise Basket 

For a Spring wedding, seed pocket favors will surely remind your guests that love is not all about feelings and butterflies in the tummies, but it is about bittersweet sacrifices and nourishing, just like planting a flower seed where you should nurture and care for it everyday, until such time hard work pays you off with its blossoming flowers.
Mini Recipe Book
Every couple has their own favorite dishes that they both love to cook or dine with, and what best way to share the indulgence than to give away a mini recipe book. Who knows, your single women friends may even use it themselves, as we all know, “a way to a man’s heart, is always through his stomach.”
Rechargeable Sun Jars 
I just love these sun jars! They are actually great wedding favors, as your guests can use them after as emergency lights when their power goes out, or as home ornamental decor for their patio or bedroom. They have so many uses, plus it will definitely last for a lifetime.
Hangover Kit
In sickness and in health indeed! These bags may not only come in handy during bachelor’s or bachelorette’s party, but even after your wedding. I’m sure your guests will appreciate the love and care, even after they have messed up themselves at your party. Oppsss!
Because your guests spent time to celebrate with you at your wedding, giving them something they can use to celebrate on their own special event is one thing they will truly appreciate.
Light Me Up Cigars
Your event may be smoke free, but give your friends a little something they can enjoy for the road. Pair it with a personalized match box that may say, “Match made in Heaven!” Now this is something, even younger gens will enjoy!
Outdoor Must Have Favors 

Whether or not your wedding is done during the summer or just outdoors, your guests will surely appreciate wedding favors that can protect them from getting exhausted under the heat of the sun. You may provide fans, sun block lotions, sunglasses, or stylish weaved hats; all to add glam to your special day.
The secret to a successful wedding favor is to choose something that can express your personalities, or something that you know your guests will surely need, either during the wedding or after. It should bring a deep meaning and connection, but unique and practical at the same time; all of which could help your guests remember your special day by.

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