What to Wear for A Dinner Rehearsal?

Dinner rehearsal is one of the most important part of the wedding preparation that needs strenous preparation, but what most bride-to-be tends to neglect is what to actually wear during the event. After making so many choices, it is yet again hard to make another decision. Unlike wearing wedding gowns during the wedding ceremony, outfit for dinner rehearsals is a bit different. You get to have enough leeway of what to wear, which makes it more hard to choose.
Here are wardrobe suggestions that you may consider:
For a Black Tie Attire – tip make sure that your beautiful black dress is not too revealing, but is classy, elegant, and a bit formally teasing to the eyes.
Beach Formal Attire – stick with light colors like orange, baby blue, and pink. Floral patterns is advisable too.
Casual Attires – have fun with the patterns and colors for a casual attire

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