Tips for Sending Save the Date Invitations

Save-the-date invitations will be the first thing you will give your guests, and will the first thing they will remember by your wedding. It is therefore a must that your wedding date should stick by their mind. Here are tips, that you can consider when making your save-the-date invitations.
1. Make sure you only use bold colors. Studies shows that bright and bold colors often stay longer in people’s mind. So, if you do not want your guests forgetting your date, you may use colors like pink, bright blue, yellow, or even neon colors if you must.
2. Use visuals. Graphics can anything from pictures of your venue, to pictures of you and your fiancee. Be as creative and innovative as you can be, which will make you guests anticipate for your wedding.
3. Use scented save-the-date cards to make them even memorable.
4. Invitation cards should not be too big, and should be easy to store somewhere where your guests can see them everyday. For instance, save-the-date refrigerator cards is great way to go.
5. Make sure the fond and the letter style is easy to read. Make sure the date of your wedding is emphasized by bolding it or making the font size bigger than the others.

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