Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding

Preparing for an entire wedding can be very stressful much more if you are the one to be wed. You will not only be the bride or the groom on that day, filling up for so many hats. This is nothing but normal, which is why, these helpful tips can help you make your wedding worry free.


1. As much as possible, hire a wedding coordinator- Sure they can be a bit costly, but you know for sure that they are worth it. Your wedding coordinator can make sure that everything is organized, wherein all you have to do is to smile in front of the camera and enjoy every bit of your wedding.

2. Hire a funny and creative Master of Ceremonies – MCs are the first person that will make sure your wedding is not boring and odd. So make sure that you test your MC first before hiring one. They should be funny yet formal at the same time. One that could make your guest have a lot of fun.

3. Order great food – Food testing should not just end with the cake, make sure you hire a caterer that knows how to make your guests water their mouth. You may stick with sumptuous comfort food or picka-pickas where your guests are kept fueled through out the entire wedding. Desert bars is another way to go.

4. Make sure your sitting arrangement are well thought of- This can be a cliche, but make sure that your guests sit next to someone they actually know of. Would be very embarrassing if your aunt wanted to switch sits with one of your friend, since you arrange her to sit beside her 21st century enemy, right?

5. Plan a surprise – Your surprise can anything be from fireworks at the end of your wedding party, or a simple song and dance number of you and your bride or groom, or your favourite band where your guests can enjoy a dance or to or a sing-off with them.

Your wedding should be very memorable, one that would last a life time. Therefore, planning every bit of it with attention and care should not be disregarded.

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