Unusual Creative Ideas for Wedding Guest Sign In Book

Wedding Guest Sign In Book is the perfect accessories to keep a keepsake for your special day. It does not only record who attended and celebrated with you, but it also keeps sweet messages of the people who wished all the best for new journey as a married couple.
Guest Sign In Booklets can also be your guest’s guide as to who they will probably meet at their table, or during reception. Your guests will be delighted knowing that an acquaintance has also joined to celebrate with them with you.
Now that there is no question as to why you  should have a Wedding Guest Sign In Book at your wedding, the next dilemma is how to make it unique and fun,one that can awe all of your guests.
Before anything else, let me clarify that your guest may not only sign in a typical book or booklet. Truth is, skies is the limit as to how to incorporate creativity to your wedding sign in book, but if you are still clueless as to how, here are great ideas you can probably use as your own for your Wedding Guest Sign In Book:
1. Wishing Tree does not only serve as a wishing sign in, but could also be a great ornament for your wedding. Set it up at the entrance of the reception area, but if you decide to use a big tree, you can actually place it somewhere where it can be the center of attraction, probably near the groom’s and the bride’s chair, or near the center stage.
2. Message in a Bottle – one thing that last along with the marriage are anniversary bottles, which can be greatly used as a sign in bottle. Using a permanent metallic ink, preferably silver or gold, your guests can sign in their wishes along with their names in it. They may even indicate which anniversary year you should open your bottles.
3. Polaroid Express – visuals is more fun, don’t you agree? Using a Polaroid camera, ask your friends to take a snip-bit of their wackiest pose and leave a message along with it.
4. In Perfect Harmony – for couples who have been in one soul with music, what more fun way to ask guests to leave their messages than to have them sign in the very instrument that made them as one. A guitar sign in, or just about any musical instrument can be a great and unique way for a guest booklet.
5. Other unique Ideas include a type writer for love notes where your guests can type in their names and messages for you. Another, way is to make a message box where your guests can drop in a card message for you. If music is your stuff, a record album can also be a unique sign in as well as cork messages for your journey as a new married couple.

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