What to include in Guest Welcome Bags

For an ultimate out-of-town wedding, Guest Welcome Bags are the perfect way to start off the wedding feastive mood. Of course, chances are you would not be able to greet each and everyone of your guests, especially if you are quite preoccupied with the preparation. So, welcome bags are also the smartest way to greet them. Your guests would feel extra special if they know you have put a lot of effort in welcoming and making them feel more comfortable.
So, what do you put in your Guest’s Welcome Bags that are not too fancy, but would leave a lasting impression?
1. The best way to lure your guests is to treat them with your local delicacies – Your guests may come from far, far away places, maybe from another state or so, and they would definitely be dying to try all your local delicacies. Fill your Welcome bags with the best muffin, cupcake, or cookies in town. What about the best red wine bottle locally made, or the best coffee your state can offer.
Tip: Make sure the package is as overwhelming as what is inside your welcome treats. For simple yet stylish packaging, you can bag your treats in a white tote bag probably with your and your fiancee’s initials. For a garden or a beach wedding, pick a more creative container, say a wicker basket or something native.
2.  The weekend Itinerary – Say your wedding is held in some private island or a beach resort where there are numerous amenities, you can create an artsy local map where your wedding is being hosted, say you place where the nearby local bar is, or where they can visit within the day, so on and so forth. You can plan their itinerary for them. You can also throw in some shades, sun block, or sun hats. They would love to take their long strolls and wouldn’t mind while you’re busy preparing for the big day.
3. Hangover kit – before and after the wedding, expect that there will be a lot of heavy parties. Take care of your friends and family and let them know that you are still after their health, even if they literally mess themselves at your party. Your hangover kit should include a bottle of water, aspirins, some hot choco, coffee, or tea, and other helpful medicines that could alleviate their hangover.
For a more complete package, you can include in your bag some emergency kits that your guests would truly appreciate, such as a sewing kit, safe pins, band aids, fans, umbrellas, mints, and other important things you think your guests might need on and after your wedding.
4. For a winter wedding – something that can warm their hearts like a choco delight, with marshmallows, cracker, or cookies can put a cozy feel to your guests.
5.  Gourmet treats – nothing can be more flattering for guests but the best gourmet threats. For family and friends who may have high blood sugar, you can still include sugar-free gourmet threats they can enjoy, such as sugar-free chocolate bars from Amberlyn, or candies from Vande Walle’s.

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